Useful Plumbing Tools You Should Have At Home

Although nothing beats experts when it comes to making repairs to your plumbing system, it wouldn’t hurt to be prepared and have some basic plumbing tools (and even basic plumbing knowledge!) on your own. Not only will they come in handy for do it yourself repairs and maintenance such as unclogging drains, they can also be useful when you make a temporary fix while waiting for a licensed plumber to arrive.
Since plumbing services can be expensive, it would be a great deal of help if you take time to learn how to do some simple maintenance tricks and basic repairs like fixing leaky faucets so you can save a lot of money as well, aside from gaining new knowledge.
Here are some basic plumbing tools that can help you take care of your plumbing system:
• Wrench – A basic wrench is used to tighten and loosen nuts. An adjustable wrench is the type that can be used for nuts with various shapes and sizes. You should be able to reach narrow spaces with this tool.
• Hacksaw – This is an extremely useful tool for cutting metal and plastic pipes, nuts and bolts, and even screws.
• Teflon tape and/or plumber’s tape – These can be used to seal or tighten pipes.
• Epoxy and/or plumber’s putty – These can be used as temporary sealants for leaks while waiting for an actual fix from a professional plumber.
• Propane torch – A propane torch is useful in repairing metal pipes. You may want to purchase a self-igniting torch to save you from the hassle of turning a basic propane torch on.
• Plunger – This tool is used to remove clogs from toilets, drains, bathtubs, and sinks.
• Hand auger – A hand auger, also known as plumber’s snake, is a tool used to clear drains when your plunger didn’t solve the problem. It’s an effective tool in unclogging drains and is essential in maintaining your drains.
• Metal file – This is used to smoothen and even out ragged edges of metal pipes after being cut.
These are just some of the plumbing tools that can help you do simple fixes for your bathroom and kitchen. If you feel that the plumbing issue’s too complicated for you, better call your trusted plumber to resolve the problem rather than experimenting because there are some plumbing issues that are much difficult to resolve.

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