Pros and Cons of Using Drain Cleaners

For years, there have been debates whether drain cleaners can actually help in clearing clogged drains or whether they help destroy your drains; but what do drain cleaners really do?
Most advertisers, sometimes, even professional plumbers themselves, recommend the use of drain cleaners to clean your drains and free them from unwanted odors; after all, that’s what drain cleaners are supposed to do.
Drain cleaners come in many forms: liquid, gel, and powder. There are alkaline drain cleaners and acidic drain cleaners – although acidic drain cleaners can only be obtained by licensed plumbers.
Just like many things, there are some pros and cons that come with using drain cleaners to get rid of clogs.
One of the pros or advantages of using chemical drainage cleaners is that they are very easy to use. You basically just pour the chemical on the drain. There is no additional plumbing tool or equipment that needs to be used, there’s no special skill or training required.
Using drainage cleaners is also hassle free because you just have to leave it and wait for the chemicals to do their job.
Drainage cleaners works fast in removing or dissolving blockages.
Another advantage is that drainage cleaners remove bad odor from the clogged drains.
Chemical drain cleaners are also affordable and readily available.
Of course, if there are pros, there are cons as to using chemical drain cleaners.
One of the biggest disadvantages of using chemical drain cleaners is the possible health dangers of using them. These commercial drain cleaners may have chemicals that are dangerous for you and your family.
The possibility of your pipes getting damaged and corroded due to the strength of the chemicals in the drain cleaners is also one of the cons. There are chemical drain cleaners that can actually soften PVC pipes.
If you use drain cleaners frequently, they may leave residue in your pipes that, someday, may lead to clogs too.
Despite the cons of using chemical drain cleaners, it has been used and trusted by many people to clear their drains for decades now.
However, prevention is always better than cure. You can prevent your drain from being clogged by not letting hair, food leftovers, grease, and coffee grounds to go down your drain. There are many preventive measures you can do to avoid clogged drains.

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