Plumbing Repairs Scams

Plumbers who scam their clients aren’t unheard of. There are many ways an unsuspecting homeowner can be scammed by some plumbers.
It’s a good thing to trust your plumber, but it won’t hurt to be a bit skeptical before agreeing to a plumbing service or repair.
It’s crucial for anyone who plans to have any plumbing repair or installation to be aware of the most common plumbing repair scams so they can spot it easily should they come across a scamming plumber.
One of the most common forms of scamming is sending in additional workers for the job. Some plumbers work on an hourly rate and would subcontract other workers to do the job they can do on their own in order to gain more. You have to use your judgment on this. If the job only requires a single tap replacement or a simple fix for a leak, then one person can complete it; but if you want a complete plumbing system to be installed, then additional workers are needed. Before signing a job contract, ask if there will be additional workers coming into complete the job. Make sure that you know what each additional worker’s job is in your plumbing repair.
Another common form of scamming is “Bait and Switch”. This involves the plumber convincing the client that he is using a high end material (which usually costs more) and then switching the material to a substandard, cheaper one. To avoid this, it’s advisable to check every invoice related to the materials for the plumbing job to see if it matches to what you’ve agreed to buy.
Don’t just settle for verbal agreement. Make sure that you put your agreement in writing, especially if it involves details of payment for the job. That way, you can have security.
There are also some plumbers who will mark up their prices if you live in a wealthy neighborhood to rip you off. If you feel that your plumber is trying to rip you off, talk to other plumbers and compare prices. Also, ask your neighbors regarding how much they usually pay for the same plumbing repair job you’ll have.
Hiring a licensed plumber with good credentials from a good plumbing services company is always a safe choice. If you hire a plumber from a good-reputed plumbing services company, it’s highly unlikely that you will be scammed.

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