How to Prevent Pipes from Freezing

Having frozen pipes during winter is a common problem for homeowners. Frozen pipes can be a problem because they cause pipes to burst because of the pressure. Being able to keep your pipes from freezing can help save you money by avoiding repairs.
Proper preparation is essential in preventing your pipes from freezing during the wintery months. Here are some useful tips that you can try to protect your pipes and keep them from being frozen.
One of the most helpful things that you can do is to insulate your pipes. Wrap cold and hot water pipes in foam insulation. Make sure that the foam’s tightly fit. Keep in mind that the foam insulation would not totally eliminate the cold; it can only delay the pipe from getting cold and freezing.
You can also wrap heating tapes around your pipes. These heating tapes have a built in thermostat so you can monitor its temperature.
Dripping both hot and cold faucets can also help prevent water in the pipes from freezing because the water moves constantly.
Open your sink or bathroom cupboards or cabinets to let the heat in during cold weather.
Turn off the sprinkler system in your garden. If you have a garden hose, disconnect it from the faucet and drain your garden hoses.
In case your pipes still freeze, here are some steps to help thaw your frozen pipes:
First and foremost, you must turn off your water’s main valve.
After this, open the faucet to let the steam and pressure out. The frozen water in the pipes will also come out from the faucet while you’re thawing that’s why you need to keep the faucet open.
You can begin thawing by starting from the faucet to the colder end of the pipe. You may pour hot water over the pipe to help melt the ice. It’s best to wrap the pipe in heavy towels before you pour hot water over it so the heat will get trapped in the towel and melt the ice quicker.
You may also try using a heat reflector lamp or hair dryer to thaw your frozen pipes. This may take a longer time than hot water, though.
After a cold weather, check all your pipes. If you’ve found any slit or burst pipes, call your plumber to have it fixed immediately.

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